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Simple Songs for Lonesome Lovers (2018)

You can find the album in the platforms below:

  • Bandcamp
  • YouTube
  • Spotify

For years I've been fooling around with pentatonic melodies on my bass during soundchecks and rehearsal breaks, until this short unfinished songs became the "Minas sound" in my friends' ears.

Listening to artists like Armin Metz I discovered how the bass can play melodies, can lead in songs without them being about the bass player's chops.

Soon I decided to gather the people I wanted for this project and start rehearsing. As it often happens, this process turned into a journey that got me much further than I could imagine.

Dimitris Oikonomou played drums like no one else would ever play.
Giannis Vakaloudis played guitars, congas, shaker and glockenspiel.
Anthi Kirkou played keyboards and gave a completely new meaning to "Saudade".
George Bereris also played keyboards. He translated the mood behind "Better that Way" in the most beautiful intro.
Vasilis Petridis was the secret weapon all along the recording process. He never got tired of my ways, he put so much effort in producing this record as if it was his own. He recorded, mixed, co-produced and even played cabasa on "Till She Makes up her Mind"!


Recorded at Shelter Musicstudio (Special thanks to George "Froutos" Karakoulias for sheltering my album)
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Productions

Cover artwork by Vera Karanika

In the samples you can hear:
Vera Karanika listening to "Kind of Blue"
Meliana Karta reading EE Cummings
Tryfonas Typou breaking up
My dad putting Marialele back to sleep

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