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ThessBlues? Festival

Other than the joy of being in a band with the best of friends, what was so great about the Deep in the Top experience was how we got to meet amazing musicians and make new friends. While playing our music in various cities in Greece, we came up with the idea of creating an event that will bring together all these bands of friends that play blues and rock n roll music across the country. Instead of basing this project on the established blues forces of previous generations, we chose to focus on young people in an attempt to show that there are young Greek people who love to compose and play the blues.

ThessBlues? Festival took place on the 31st of October, 2014. In addition to the three bands that played that night, we organized a photography exhibition that came to life through an open call for photographers to submit their work with a common theme; "The blues in the city". A second exhibition took place at the same time! We invited two local guitar luthiers Paveza Guitars and Vagabond Guitars, to show their work along with a frequent collaborator, BadPixel Pedals.

An important addition to that beautiful night was the guest appearance by Blues Wire, the most important blues band in Greece. It was something we wanted to happen in order to show a connection and support between different generations of blues music in our small local scene.

To complete the whole experience, we managed to get the whole thing on film and six months later we published a 45-minute long documentary on how the ThessBlues? Festival came to be!

Here you can watch the documentary on th ThessBlues? Festival. (There are also separate videos of the bands' performances on YouTube, go check them out!

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