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Tour Diary: Around Europe with the Bluesmobile (2017)

Written while on the road, this book chronicles the 2015 Full Houze summer tour and all the life-changing adventures that came with it. It's also meant as a proposal of what the life of a 21 year-old musician can be like.

This book is only available in greek.


Urban Whale (2018)

A short poetry collection about the perks and perils of urban living.

This publication was the starting point for the 2019 album of the same name, that features numerous unique artists composing and performing music written for each poem.

This book is only available in greek.

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Naked & Pure (Songs of Coffee) (2018)

Playing with the title of William Blake’s great collections (“Songs of Innocence” and “Songs of Experience”), these here are only songs of coffee. Songs of surrender and relief, yet songs of anguish and untold desire. These short poems are not a grand poetic offering to the reader. They are contemplative whispers of some inside voice and as such, they stand before your eyes naked and pure.

Click on the cover to download PDF for free!

Also check the music adaptation featuring Daniel Jones in the "music" page.

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